The 17 Best Movies for a Netflix and Chill Date Night

What type of dates do you normally like to have? Ones where you go out and do the most exciting thing possible? Nice dinners to someplace you haven’t been before? Or do you prefer something more intimate in the comforts of your own home? And while the phrase “Netflix and chill” is something of a joke, it hides a truth that many of us like those evenings where we can just relax with a movie or series with someone we care about. If both people are on board, it can make for the perfect date.

And with the recent pandemic, nights in have become a lot more popular, and there is no idea more popular for a date night in than a perfect movie. You can make your own popcorn (or whatever you’d like, really), fluff up some extra pillows, and darken the room a bit for the perfect viewing experience.

You probably have an idea about the logistics. But what should you watch? Here are seventeen movies that might be perfect for you and your date:

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1. Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe is a romantic comedy about two childhood friends (played by Ami Wong and Randall Park) who find each other again after a teenage fling didn’t end well. Now dealing with the rigors of adult life and trying to readjust to their new relationship, the two deal with interesting situations and wedges in their lives, including other love interests, business decisions, and Keanu Reeves. There’s no shortage of fun in the film.

The film was well-received at launch and still maintains the following today (a few years later). There is a certain balance between groundedness and the romantic comedy goodness you expect, making it a fantastic choice for a Netflix date movie. The performances are great, the writing from Ami Wong and Randall Park is equal parts sweet and spicy, and it is a lot more than the sum of its (admittedly amazing) parts.

2. Moonlight

One of the most acclaimed films of recent years and something you should absolutely watch with your partner or alone (just watch it once you get a chance), Moonlight is the work of Barry Jenkins, who both directed and wrote the picture. It is about the intersection of growing up as a gay man and a black man in America and is nuanced in its themes, portrayals, and criticisms of society.

It is a story told in three time periods, with the main character Chiron being shown as a child, teenager, and Adult, struggling with his identity and life in a world that simply does not accept him. It can be a heartbreaking story, but it is one with a lot more truth to it than most of the other films on this list and in general.

The film deservedly won the Oscar for Best Picture and has some of the best performances you will ever see in a film. It is a deep work about homophobia, black masculinity, and growing up during changing times. It might not be perfect for every date night, but it will be perfect for some and give you a lot to talk about.

3. Uncut Gems

In Uncut Gems, Howard Ratner, played by Adam Sandler, is a jewelry store owner who is a gambling addict. He also has a lot of debts to deal with, and people who want their money soon. This leads to him becoming more heavily involved in a drama involving an incredibly valuable black opal and basketball of all things. It is tense, frightening at times, and one of the best movies of 2019, making it a great date night movie for some.

And if Adam Sandler movies generally aren’t your thing, then you should know that this movie is an entirely different thing and that Sandler (who puts on a great performance in this film, by the way) is being directed by someone who is looking to do something entirely different than the usual fare. Uncut Gems is a thriller worth watching, but something still comfortable enough for a night in with a date.

4. Out of My League

Out of My League is a film by director Alice Filippi and is an Italian romantic comedy in a world where there are simply not enough of them. It features Marta, played by Ludovica Francesconi, who is sick and tired of dealing with dating apps and dating around her friends and wants something different. Furthermore, she has a rare genetic disorder that might hamper her dating efforts normally. Will she find love? What will happen to her? What antics will ensue, and what beautiful sights are there to be seen? That’s for you and your partner to find out.

It's not a long film, and if you don’t mind reading some subtitles (or reading in between the lines), then it could be an adventure into something new for both of you.

5. Her

If you want to watch a science fiction movie with a lot of heart and just a little bit of strangeness to it, we have to recommend Her, which is about a man who writes letters for a living and his AI assistant, with whom he quickly develops a romantic relationship. It is a heartwarming tale, and the romance between the two feels as real as it is strange. 

Furthermore, the direction by Spike Jonze and visuals present a world just in the future but parallel to our own, with the same people, problems, and society. It’s a reflection that at times feels more real than real, especially if we keep embracing technology. It’s optimistic about relationships and the world without being sappy, and that’s no easy feat.

Joaquin Phoenix puts in amazing work as the main character, as does Scarlett Johansson as Samantha (the AI in question). You feel their love, their pain and disconnection, and so much more through the movie, and it's something you can’t help but watch from start to finish with your date.

6. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

An original film based on a novel, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is a teen romantic comedy involving a girl named Lara Jean Covey who is now dating her crush Peter after a long series of events involving love letters from years before. The two are now trying to figure out their relationship and things get complicated by both life and other people coming into the picture.

The film is actually a sequel to To All the Boys I Loved Before and while we do recommend the previous film, we think that you and your date can get away with starting with this one if you want to. It’s a fun, lighthearted film compared to many options here, and something to have on while you and your date banter and get to know each other better. 

7. Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World is not your standard date movie. In fact, it is not even your standard movie. In it, Scott Pilgrim meets Ramona Flowers, falls for her, but soon learns that in order to be with her he has to defeat her seven evil exes, who all happen to have superpowers. It’s a wild ride complete with video game references, skateboarding, and lots of fun action scenes.

Yet while the plot may seem anything but normal, the real treat of the film is the style, attention to detail, and direction. There are visual gags every single minute, and the use of effects creates a film that is at once familiar but hyper imaginative. It feels like a nonstop experience of fun that many people will enjoy, especially those who like pop culture. It can be the perfect thing for you and your date to bond over.

8. About Time

Who doesn’t love a good time travel romance every once in a while? In About Time, Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams star as the leads in a story of love that takes place many times in a sense. And while the events are in flux, the emotions remain constant, as will your love for the film.

On their 21st birthday, Tim learns that the men in his family have the ability to go back in time to moments they have lived before, perhaps to make a better choice or try out something different. Tim wants to find love and eventually uses his power to make things better for the people around him, to mixed effects. The film might seem a bit much for some people, but it is definitely comfortable and something nice to watch with a date close by. It is also a film about a close relationship with family in general, as Tim’s relationship with his father features heavily in the story.

9. The Other Guys

A dumb buddy comedy with a hint of action can be a great icebreaker for a date night, and The Other Guys fits that description to a T. You might be laughing more than anything else, but has that ever been a bad thing? Show this one to your date if you think they might have a sense of humor.

Starring both Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as partner cops trying to take on tough crime in New York City (though both are not exactly on the front lines these days). After the best policemen in the city die in a strange accident, it falls to the rest of the force to find out what happened and follow the trail to the source. In the course of that, hilarious antics ensue in what is one of the funniest parodies of a buddy cop movie to ever get made.

10. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a famous book that most people should read, but you can also be pleased to know that it is also a movie that you can watch with your date and enjoy. It is a bit older with the book being written in 1999, but it is a timeless story and you will connect with the characters and storytelling as much as you would the day it came out.

In this coming-of-age story, Charlie (Logan Lerman) is writing to an unnamed person about their experiences during their Freshman Year, all while dealing with undiagnosed PTSD at the time. It can be a heavier film, but it’s a worthwhile one that deals with things a lot of us might connect with. If you want to watch something deeper with your date, then this might be a great choice.

11. Bird Box

Bird Box is one of the stranger films you can find on Netflix, and certainly one of the stranger films you can start a date night with. But maybe your date is looking for something a little odd and wants something outside of the safe rom-coms that make up too many boring date nights.

In Bird Box, a post-apocalypse has hit Earth, seemingly caused by mass suicides, and some entities are seemingly causing them. Malorie Hayes accompanies two children, all wearing blindfolds, with strict instructions never to remove them.

It is an intense film, one you have to think about, and one you don’t see every day. We hope that you will be able to enjoy it with a date and that it’ll make you think about what you would do.

12. Stardust

How do you like the idea of watching a slightly grown-up fairy tale with your date? Stardust is a movie adapted from the famous book by Neil Gaiman and stars some big names such as Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Robert De Niro. Even Ian McKellen is present to provide some wonderful narration to the story.

In the film, a young man named Tristan seeks to deliver a fallen star to the girl he loves, except that the star has taken the form of a young woman. Furthermore, Tristan is not the only one after the star, and there is a deadline to deliver her to his love. Stardust is filled with adventure, wonder, and is one of the most fun fantasy films of the past few decades. That makes it great for a date night that needs something a bit lighter and filled with adventure.

13. 50/50

If an outright comedy doesn’t fit the mood of the evening but you don’t want a super intense thriller or drama, why not try out 50/50, which stars Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a cancer patient and his friend trying to help him through it. It isn’t easy, and their relationship needs navigating. It tackles multiple harder themes while still maintaining a dose of comedy, and we think it strikes a perfect balance. This can make for a great date movie.

The performances drive the film, and critics have noted the hidden depth of the film. There is honesty here and brings humanity to people going through rough situations. Whether with a date or alone, it can be a fine watch.

14. Hitch

A bit of an older movie and a bit safer as far as romantic comedies are concerned, Hitch is a movie about Hitch, who acts as a dating and hookup specialist, and his new client, who desperately needs some help. Yet Hitch himself meets someone special, which leads to some parallels and contrasts of what the two are looking for.

Of course, not everything goes as expected, which leads to a lot of comedy as well as some character development. Everyone plays their roles well, and Hitch remains fun throughout. And with Will Smith, Kevin James, and Eva Mendes among the cast, it’s sure to be a good time. Audiences thought so, giving the film good ratings across the board.

15. Jupiter Ascending

While we had Her as an example of a science fiction movie that makes you think about love and human relationships, Jupiter Ascending is a bit different. Jupiter Ascending is a science fantasy film by the Wachowski siblings, which obviously means things are going to be interesting at the very least. In it, a cleaning woman is told by an interplanetary warrior that she has a greater destiny, leading to an adventure that transcends class, planets, and much more.

Many would say that Jupiter Ascending is not a good film, and there is some merit to that depending on what you value. But a film does not need to be good to be interesting, and it still has many devoted fans to this day.

16. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

How about something just a little darker and unique for your Netflix and chill night? Then you might want to try out Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Black Mirror is known for its stories about the potential horrors of technology, and Bandersnatch is no different. What is different is that in this one you as the viewer get to decide the direction of the story, with different scenes filmed depending on how you want things to go. It’s one of the first of its kind to reach such a wide audience and brings interactive storytelling to Netflix and date nights everywhere.

It being something of a choose your own story type of program, you and your date can decide together how you want the story to progress, and you can go back and see the other side later. It’s a fun idea that’s a bit more active, making it a potentially great idea to watch.

17. Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is one of those movies that might feel like a feel-good movie from the base, but it is so much more under the surface. While it has romantic comedy DNA, in truth the film is about recovering from mental illness and navigating relationships more than anything else.

In the film, our main character Pat is released after spending eight months in a mental health facility for bipolar disorder. He wants to repair his relationship with his ex-wife but befriends several people in the process who help him get a new outlook on life. It’s a hopeful film above all else, but it is not without its challenges. It’s not a standard relationship story, but it can be the perfect story for you and your date if you give it a chance.

A Few Quick Notes

  • This list is mostly focused on what is available on Netflix in the United States. While we’re sure you can find some of these movies in other countries on Netflix, you might be more limited. However, you can also be sure to find a whole host of different excellent movies to pick from.
  • Not every film on this list will be available forever. Movies come and go on Netflix rapidly, so parts of this list might be outdated by the time you read it. There will, however, be new things to watch, so take a search for yourself when you plan your date.
  • If a film is no longer available on Netflix, then it probably is available elsewhere. Just because it is called “Netflix and chill” doesn’t mean that you must use Netflix.
  • If you don’t like a movie, switch! A great thing about Netflix is that it demands no commitment. Don’t waste two hours on a film you and your date hate.


Whether it's one of the first dates you have or you have been married to the love of your life for years, many occasions call for a night in on the couch watching something special. While there are so many other movies that might be perfect for you and your lucky partner, we hope that one of the ones above will suit you well. We wish you the best of luck with your evening and may you enjoy the film and the time spent to its fullest.

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