The 15 Best Exercise Programs Available Today

When you picture a workout video, you might still imagine vintage, 1980’s-style exercise tapes streaming on your TV. Like so many other forms of video entertainment, there are plenty of different ways to get your body moving alongside a video today. Exercise programs have popped up on cable and via different streaming platforms. So, whether you live in a place where going outside or to the gym is unadvisable (especially given the last year or so) or the weather isn’t the best for an excursion into the wilderness, these shows are a lifeline into a normal routine and a great way to learn new exercises and proper form.

While this isn’t a list of every exercise program available to you (there are too many for even guidebooks to list properly) here are some of the best you can find, in no particular order:

1. Tiffany Rothe Workouts

Hundreds of thousands of people subscribe to Tiffany Rothe Workouts, and for good reason. She is an absolute joy and has more than 25 years of personal training, making her a perfect fit. She encourages people to train their minds as well as their bodies, focusing on a positive mindset that moves you forward as opposed to the negative influences and outlooks that surround us in our daily lives. If you feel unmotivated to work out, you won’t feel the same after five minutes of following her workouts.

Her videos are human, joyful, and encouraging, which is what a lot of people need when they are working out. She has videos and workouts whether you are looking to tone, stretch, or get in some cardio. Also, she frequently live-streams classes for her followers if you want something a bit more in the present.

You can follow her channel on YouTube or find her on

2. Nike Trainer Club

The Nike Trainer Club has some of the best trainers and professionals in the industry, and while you may worry that it is another brand initiative that is half-hearted and low effort, that is anything but the case. The App and program have won multiple awards and are well-regarded across the industry.

With the Nike Trainer Club, you will find a series of programs that include workouts, wellness tips, and nutrition guidance to help you get the body and mindset you would like. It is flexible (sessions range from five minutes to an hour), doable for people of any fitness level, and is readily available. There are tons of variations of workouts as well to stream so that it does not matter so much how much space or equipment you have. They also have music playlists to go along with the videos to keep you going and add a bit more fun to your workout.

You can find it on your app store of choice or go to their website.

3. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is one of the biggest yoga channels on the planet (she has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and is close to a billion total views), and is one of the first names you hear about Yoga videos and classes online. She has been creating on her channel for some time now (going on 10 years), and she has become known for providing yoga options for everyone.

Yoga with Adriene has a long series of videos and tutorials to work with, at various levels of yoga (after all, it can be difficult at the start). It has become a huge channel, but never bloated with content. Whatever you are hoping to get from your yoga practice, there is a video or even a video series for you.

Yoga is a super relaxing and healthy thing to add to your life. We hope that Yoga with Adriene piques your interest if you think the activity is for you.

You can start with her YouTube channel or go to her website if you want to know more.

4. Peloton

One of the biggest brands in fitness, Peloton is known for some of the more expensive exercise equipment. However, to enjoy the streams and videos they offer you do not have to buy a $1000+ exercise bike.

Peloton offers live classes, videos, and more on various types of workouts. Whether you are interested in running, yoga, cycling, strength training, or something else, Peloton likely has a series of videos or a class suited for you and your fitness level. Note that they have several membership options, some of which may only be relevant or worth it to you if you have Peloton exercise equipment.

You can find videos from Peloton on their app, and they have a free trial available (which we recommend, as this is an investment). However, it is not just on phones, and there are options on the web or on smart TVs as well if you want a larger screen to work out with.

5. Sit and Be Fit

Fitness still has a place on traditional television. In Sit and Be Fit, which you can generally find on public television (look up public channels in your area), the show focuses on easy-to-do exercises for people who cannot easily get up. It has been on the air since 1987, and they have workouts tailored for people with various needs and conditions.

Sit and Be Fit is perfect for people who might be recovering from injuries (though they should still consult medical professionals first) or who might be elderly and unable to safely work out without the support of a chair. Fitness is vital no matter what age you are or what disabilities you might have and Sit and Be Fit helps out people who still would like some structure to their workout but find other fitness programs impossible.

Sit and Be Fit is on public television, but the exact channel and time may vary depending on your area. We recommend looking up the show to find out when you or your loved ones can work out along with the program. They also have a YouTube channel with a fair number of episodes you can watch and show others.

6. Evolve Functional Fitness

Evolve Functional Fitness is clear in focus and clear in instruction, and that’s fantastic for a workout channel or videos. With the channel having started in 2013, they know what works and what doesn’t, and know what they want to do for their audience.

The channel provides no-equipment workouts that last either 25, 45, or 65 minutes, making them available to practically anyone willing to put in the work. There are also different videos for people of different skill levels, so you can find a workout for you even if you are new to fitness.

If you want something a bit more focused or just want to learn something new, Evolve Functional Fitness also has a large library of videos on how to do individual exercises, allowing you to work on your form and expand your repertoire, making your fitness plan more balanced in the process. There are tons of these exercise tutorials, and even spending some time watching them can help you live a better life.

You can find Evolve Functional Fitness on YouTube.

7. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is led by a husband-and-wife team (Kelli and Daniel Segars) who have been doing fitness on YouTube for over a decade. On the channel you can find all sorts of workouts and a wealth of information, almost none of which becomes outdated. They are simple but effective in their approach and easy to follow, allowing you to focus on your form and stay present through the workout. Millions of workouts are completed each month by their followers, and they have created a loyal following that you may just want to join.

They have some great HIIT workout videos and strength training, whether you need to focus on low-impact training or not. They are honest with their user base and are clear with their advice. With hundreds of videos to work from, you are unlikely to get bored working out anytime soon.

You can find Fitness Blender on YouTube or on their website.


Compared to most of the other programs and video selections listed here, what you find with will be much tougher and much more intense. It will not be for everyone, and it was not designed for everyone. It was meant for people who are interesting in bodybuilding and pushing their physique to the limit. That being said, it has plenty of resources for people looking to get into bodybuilding and a ton of informational videos on top of workouts.

The website itself mostly focuses on selling products and supplements, but do not let that stop you from seeing what they have to offer and taking away what knowledge you can from the channel and organization. The videos are well-produced and provide some excellent insight to take your routine to the next level.

To learn more about them, you can either go to or check out their YouTube channel.

9. Pop Sugar Fitness

Pop Sugar Fitness is a wonderfully fun fitness channel that sets up workouts ranging the gambit. They have new workouts all the time, and they like to switch it up not only in terms of exercises but in trainers as well. The trainers are fun, the mood is fun, and with it, you do not have to be so serious in silence while you get your body moving. They currently have over five million subscribers and thousands of people use their workouts every day to add some pep to their step.

They often work with celebrity and Hollywood trainers and will have real-time workouts to get yourself moving. If you like Zumba, things like the Bar Method, or just want to try something new, Pop Sugar Fitness is the channel to try out first.

You can find Pop Sugar Fitness on YouTube or you can learn more about them through their website.

10. Grokker

Grokker is an app or channel dedicated to workplace fitness and letting employees get the time they need to have a healthier mind and body. It is more of a program done as a community or as an employer than something started yourself, but it can be something you can suggest or look into individually.

It’s a bit different from the other programs and channels mentioned on this list, but we thought it worth including in case you are a manager or business owner who cares about the fitness of their employees and wants to help foster healthier habits. They have adapted well to the pandemic and have a large library of videos whether you are looking for yoga guides, HIIT, or something else. There are individual plans to look out for as well which have many of the same features, making it a potentially great app for anyone.

You can learn more about Grokker by looking at their website or by going to their YouTube channel.

11. barre3

Another huge name in fitness is barre3 or any type of Barre to be honest, and the barre3 program and channel is one of the best in the business for anyone interested. And they have a streaming program with hundreds of videos you can use. The program in general is focused on a variety of workouts to create a holistic experience and can help you find what you want no matter what your fitness goals are.

The channel and site have live workouts a few times a week, tools to help you stay on track with the videos and workouts you watch and go along with, and plenty of variations depending on how long you have to work out and your experience level. Whether you are looking for a challenge or need a little more structure from your workout videos, barre3 might be the best choice.

You can watch barre3 videos on their website after you sign up (there is a trial at the time of writing) or you can go to their YouTube channel.

12. Body Project

The Body Project is a great channel dedicated to making fitness accessible and easy for people who do not have a lot of experience with it. You do not need to be in good shape to start with when working out to their videos, and the videos feature people of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. All the workouts can be done at home, and the channel has been going for almost a decade at this point.

Their videos are positive and great for a personal program, and they absolutely want you to have the best body you possibly can. However, they also know that people are busy and cannot work out constantly for hours every day. The Body Project seeks to find a good balance and foster lifestyle changes to that effect. They want you to feel great about yourself and exercise, and you get that feeling in their videos.

If you are interested, we encourage you to go to either their website or their YouTube channel to get a feel for their workouts and their content.

13. Amazon Prime Workouts

While in most cases it might not be a series in itself, you can find a ton of different workout options on Amazon Prime Video available for streaming. There are videos for everything from yoga to workouts for specific parts of your body, and nearly all of them are high-quality. They will vary in length and in total you can get almost anything on the site.

We think that these workouts can be a great option if you are already subscribed to Amazon Prime Video and can be a good start to working out more. However, we would not recommend subscribing just for these workouts. There are plenty of other options online with more focus and it can be a little hard to sort through the options if you are an absolute beginner or want quick access.

You can find the workouts, as expected, on Amazon Prime Video, either via the app, your computer, or on your TV via streaming.

14. P90X

Another channel and program that isn’t for the faint of heart or perhaps those new to fitness, P90X is a fitness regimen that is meant to test you. You might have heard about it from infomercials starting a decade ago, but now P90X workouts are generally available anywhere and many are meant to be done anywhere, offering you a chance to keep away from the gym and work on yourself at home. The general mood and the program can be a little much for some people, but many have found results.

P90X is more of a program that you follow than a series of videos that you come back to over and over again, so it will be a little different. If you are looking for something more streamlined and focused, however, P90X might be what you need to whip yourself into shape. They focus heavily on weight loss and building muscle for yourself.

P90X streams workouts that are available on several devices, and for getting started we recommend checking their webpage.

15. CardioCast

Do you like cycling or running as your main form of exercise, either getting a lot more fresh air than you would at the gym or liking the fact that you can absolutely go at your own pace? Then CardioCast might be a great choice for you, as it focuses (as you might expect) on cardio content. There are casts for jogging with your dog, cycling, running, and more.

We were hesitant to include CardioCast on this list as the company has moved much more heavily towards audio-only content you can take with you out into the world, but we know that you cannot stay in front of a screen all the time and we want you to take advantage of any opportunity to work out. CardioCast is something you can always keep on your phone.

Learn more about CardioCast on their website or just download the app to see what they’re about.

Some Final Notes

  • Every fitness or exercise program is not going to be for you. Some of the above channels might not be intense enough for you on average, or you may not be interested in their goals or types of exercise. That is fine. Try out a series of different programs and see which one you like the best. Once you find a good fit, stick with it!
  • Make sure that you are giving yourself enough space to work out. You do not want to break something in your home or feel like you can't stretch, or just feel like you are too cramped to properly work out.
  • Take the workouts at your own pace. While you should of course try to keep up, you know your body best and you should not risk injuring yourself when you can pause or slow down the video if you need to.
  • While some of the programs, shows, and videos here are mostly online-based, in nearly all cases you can cast your phone to your TV screen or computer using free or cheap apps and tools.
  • As you will find with most of these programs, to begin with, diet often matters much more than the exercise you are getting, especially if your goal is to lose weight. Try looking into healthy cooking shows and options (there are plenty on TV) and try to find the motivation to get healthier on multiple fronts.
  • Do not try to overexert yourself at the start. You might be eager, but your body can only do so much.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks and hydrate!


Whether you need a nice guide to a workout or something to keep you motivated, we hope that one or more of the above shows will give you a great boost to your health and habits and that you’ll be able to keep up as you’d like. Do not give up on your workout plan and remember that there is always an exercise program for you and your fitness level. You do not have to be a trainer or professional athlete to push yourself properly. Do not be discouraged and keep up as you feel comfortable.

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